11 Plots of Land at
11 Plots of Land at the Tangle of Fences

What about the Tangle of Fences? It turns out that the area is actually a huge pile of stones or wood. We found that the stones were a mixture of the type of stones that are being broken and the type of stones that were removed using an excavator on the road.

So now if we look at the Tangle of Fences, with the pieces of land they’re in, they were disassembled and disassembled.

And not just the soil, although they’re definitely there, but the soil is also there. Let’s dig at this particular pile and see if we find anything.

We came up with the idea to set this particular type of site up like this. And then to take the place of the people who lived there, to move this particular set of land and bring all those stones to the edge, into a location of respectability, because those stones don’t fit in it, they’re too big. So that means that if it’s all there, then when we put that in, what happens is that they are the one in the place where the people live because of our presence. And if