Body Hair Beauty in Uganda

The second iteration of that brand’s range of beauty products will appear in the fall, as part of a global expansion. A new company, BeautyBrite, has sold hundreds of products in Uganda in 2016. The company and some of South Sudan’s most trusted brands are based in Uganda — namely the South Sudanese cosmetics brand Kuba.

“Kuba is a global leader in natural beauty ingredients and other innovative products,” says Raffaello de Castro, Marketing Director for BeautyBrite. “All of us at BeautyBrite are proud to be part of this historic new launch for BeautyBrite. To offer new products in Uganda that are locally grown, and grow internationally, and grow by our people is something that has always been in our heart and has always been in our minds from day one. The beauty-inspired and modern-looking Kabab are sure to be in the eyes of all those who visit.”
The new makeup looks to be of Ethiopian American origin, as the ingredients are grown in Africa by Kenyan-based and Ethiopian-American company Kuba. The brand aims to expand across three continents. While Kuba made no mention of Africa in their latest campaign, the name Kabab comes from the African word for the skin.