Dressing Mirror, Table
Dressing Mirror, Tablet or other display device that is larger than the dimensions of the display unit itself has a screen mounted on its base.

While the tablet has an optional display port, this device’s screen size limits a display that can be expanded or removed as needed.

A Windows® 10 Mobile™ Tablet (2016 or later)

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Office 365

In Office 365, Microsoft Office includes a “personal email client”, that provides a simple interface to Office 365 for Windows 10 Mobile and a number of other programs and services.

The Office Personal Email Client will not only access the Office 365 app, but also Microsoft’s Office 365 Online Services, Skype, Skype Connect and Access Services. The Office Online Services can also be used for all Office, Office 365 Mobile, Office 365 Live Access and Business Online Subscription services.

Office Personal Email Client

When entering a password, the Office Personal Email Client creates a unique ID for each email sent from a mobile device to an account the account holder previously owns. The same ID works with the Office 365 App from which the personal email client is downloaded. No login information is sent.

The Office Personal Email Client will also connect to the Windows.com Mobile device.


When a mobile computer and an Office 365 mobile device share the same App, the PC will automatically install the Office Personal Email Client by