The effect of financial system digitalization is visible not only in conditions of increasing the efficiency from the businesses nevertheless also in the productivity of workers. However , in spite of this, the education sector is also feeling the effects of overall economy digitalization. Actually it is one of the few sectors that have been qualified to make headway against the influence of economic climate digitalization. That is mainly because education my response is no longer the domain of execs alone, but it really has now turn into accessible for everybody.

It is no more surprising to find students fine-tuning in to economical lectures. The impact of economy digitalization can be seen also in the amount of the convenience of information. Due to various info sources offered through the Internet, it has become possible for anyone to undertake an in depth examine on any kind of topic of his or her decision. Economy digitalization can even be noted as the driving force in back of the growth on the IT sector. This is why a large number of multinational companies are turning to the IT market for support.