Although Godaddy is one of the oldest domains when it comes to these, they have included features which make it more user friendly in recent times. You can get access without a promotion just to see the current revival amount of time. They also offer a really helpful characteristic where your existing domain names is listed to show you what to do next and when. This makes renewing the domain names significantly less of a inconvenience and more of a process that can be done on your own.

It may be a new 12 months but that will not mean that you should stop looking for ways to renew your hosting accounts. Most people want to keep their sites running even though the rates can be slightly greater than normal. Do not let your domains expire because there is always a way to renew these people for a price you can afford. There are many various other services like Godaddy hosting and sector registrars you could also explore if you want to renew all your accounts at once. These types of services can give you some great discounts whenever you get all of your websites for being renewed at the same time.