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HOLY SEX (via Nara): With your very latest episode (SING HONG CHUL), I’m happy to share my latest work with you all. Here is chapter 1.

[Yuri-san sighs]: I’m glad they are on hiatus. Goldfish Archives –
[This is a short conversation, as this is basically the end for Yuuji]

Kunsuki: We can wait a lot longer before discussing this stuff more.

She continues to push the envelope on this subject, but as soon as she reaches the second part in her story, she will have to hold together a series of conversations that start with this, such as talking about how her friend Chihito and her friend Aya were kidnapped, or her and her mother’s home was destroyed during an earthquake. But here are some more interesting side conversations.

Kunsuki: Yuuji-san is really my older brother and you are like that!

Kunsuki: I can totally understand your feelings because you are a little bit older, but also I can’t help but feel like something bigger is going on.

Saying it out loud