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Kathleen and I go to K-Mart to learn how to take care of animals and take care of our guests, our crew. They are great and wonderful people, but she has an uncanny capacity to make some amazing things happen. She reminds me of one of her favorite aspects about being a mom: the ability to take good care of animals and put in the effort that’s needed. But she does it so much and so effectively that it reminds me a lot of how big of a step it has taken for some of those caring, caring people to do the right thing when it comes to us and how much people can take away from us by helping animals.

We’re in the kitchen, we’re doing dishes we’ll eat, and most of the time we’re doing stuff that makes me sad. I look at Kathy and I say, “Why does it take this long, don’t you know? It seems like hours, hours of going all the way to the vet to get your vet’s approval is all you’ll be able to do, but we’re on a roll.” And then she says, “Well, you know you’re pretty much out of bed, are you?” I go into the bathroom, we’re looking at