How to choose a smartphone case – TOP 6 best cases.

As soon as a person buys a new phone for himself, the question immediately arises in his head – how to choose a case for a smartphone. It is one thing to choose it simply by the size and model of the device, and quite another to choose the option that you will like externally and will last a long time, and will perform all its functions for five plus points. A cover is not just a beautiful overlay with a design, it performs certain functions, and that is why you should not treat this part only as a beautiful addition for a gadget.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right case for a smartphone, so that later you will not be disappointed in your purchase.

If we omit the appearance of phone cases for now, then all of them can be divided into universal ones, which are suitable for devices that have one screen size and more or less coinciding locations of various outputs and connectors, as well as specialized ones that are produced specifically for a specific smartphone model. Of course, option No. 2 is preferable, but if a person is often used to changing the apparatus, then it is easier for him to take the universal option. You will have to take this option if you really want to find a case with a specific design, but the market does not offer anything for a specific model.

But the cover will fit perfectly only if it has been designed and created for a specific gadget model.

If we go further, it turns out that the covers are also different in functionality, device and usability. There is no point in reviewing specific models for specific phones in the general ranking of smartphone cases. So let’s take a look at the different types of covers and find out which one is better.

TOP 6 best smartphone cases: options.

Which smartphone case would you choose?

No. 6 – Case.

The simplest and cheapest, but extremely inconvenient option for any smart. Also called a holster. Usually made of fabric or leather, it has a small strap inside.

The phone is inserted into the case and pushed inside when not in use. Its upper part sticks out a little. When you need to answer a call, just pull the strap sticking out of the case, which will help you get the phone. The case can be carried in a bag or on a belt.

This is more a minus than a plus – somewhere in public transport you can easily become a victim of thieves.

Such cases were popular at the dawn of the popularization of mobile communications. Now they attract few people, as they are inconvenient to use and poorly protect the phone. So, in case of careless movement or overturning of the cover, the device can be easily dropped and broken, that is, the protection from the effects of the phone in such a cover is only somewhere in the bag.

There is no access to the buttons and connectors of the phone – the device must always be taken out Modern Variation – to use it.

made of leather often have an interesting design can be fastened to a belt durable.

poorly protecting the phone inconvenient to use unpopular.

Prices for covers-cases.

No. 5 – Bumper.

This variant of the case only covers the sides of the phone and protects them from shocks. It does not cover either the back of the device or its screen. It seems that the phone is left completely unprotected, but it is not.

The bumper usually extends slightly beyond the edges of the phone, which means that if you fall flat, the entire blow will fall on the cover, on its edges.

The main advantage is that the design and appearance of the phone will not be hidden under something. Also, such a cover does not interfere with the use of a smartphone, it is convenient, easy to replace, and does not increase the size of the gadget. In addition, the cost of bumpers is very low.

This is probably the most affordable protection option.