Ikibanza Kigurishwa in Gasabo -
Ikibanza Kigurishwa in Gasabo – The Russian Ministry of Defence

It is very hard to understand those two days when the Kremlin gave more military support to the Syrian opposition during the conflict as opposed to their earlier opposition to the Assad regime. However, the fact that Russia, which controls most of Central Asia and has had a significant influence over other parts of the Middle East for quite some time, has continued to support the Kurds and other insurgent groups with an eye toward the liberation of its people is now reflected in today’s events.

The Kurds’ participation in the civil war is further indicative of their continuing presence in the Syrian civil war while the Kurdish “moderate” opposition continued the war in Iraq and the Levant.

As the Syrian conflict started on September 13rd (1940), Syria’s Kurds took their cue from the government of Prime Minister Hafez al-Assad in Baghdad and the PKK “Kurdish nationalist” groups in the Kurdish parts of the country. Their main threat was the use of chemical weapons by government forces in Syria.