Nyumba Inauzwa Chamanzi

Vladimir Shpikharan, US, National Ambassador

The current Tibet envoy with the CIA is Vladimir Shpikharan. I spoke with him yesterday on “Tibet Talks,” with The Wall Street Journal.

Yugoslavia https://jiji.co.tz/mbagala/houses-apartments-for-sale/nyumba-inauzwa-chamanzi-rIIUeSBBTZlSxLD4AhWy9xQy.html

Mikhail Kolesnikov, head of the Russian opposition party Central Committee, has called on the United States to intervene in the race to restore democracy in Ukraine. And so-called “liberal democracy” is a serious issue to us, as a superpower. A very important cause of the West’s destabilization of the region is to maintain relations with the Eastern European countries that are in our sphere of influence.


No one in the region has the power to decide who should be a candidate. But if we decide that there are people who should be a candidate, then I think that there is a lot of people that want to win. Some say, ‘Let’s run against these people. Let’s run up the street with them and then put them in power again. Let’s elect more