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To help you figure out how to add additional pages to your site you’ll also need to install the Google Analytics Extension package, and it may take a couple of hours to install.

A quick reminder now when you visit it will download to your local hard drive (I used to get over a hundred pages on this drive).

And to save time by just searching for specific page, we make a simple bookmarklet to quickly navigate to any page and select the appropriate one!

How to add page in Google Analytics – Easy Step by Step

First, open an existing page at, then add it to your pages. Then view any page like “page number” you want to add to your pages page number will be “page number” and this is the place that’s where you want to add the necessary information

Click on the “Add Page” button and that the “Page number” will appear. Then go to the Page Options section of your analytics dashboard. Click on “Save” button.

Once you save you will now see your current page in the Google Analytics website, you can do a quick search using Google or see the current page’s information.