Number of google search users with different interests – This is another question, which can be unanswered and many companies are not providing the info on the quantity of search engine users with different pursuits. This is because search engines like google have specified algorithms, which needs to be adopted strictly. An excellent search engine marketing campaign features all the above techniques, which is an essential component to any web development or advertising campaign. However , quite often companies tend not to provide information on the target audience or age group or location. You can receive information on these matters through a few other channels, however it is not possible to collect all the information on your own. Just for this you can take the aid of third party websites like comScore.

Where perform search engine users come from – A question often asked simply by SEO authorities and companies is in which do search results users arrive from? It is always preferable to collect as much data as possible, which helps in the marketing and organizing of the promotions. Based on this you can categorize various areas and groups and aim for them. Info collected may let you know about the average age, educational qualifications, highest level of education and sexuality of the search engine users which helps in the planning and marketing of the promotions.