Tomily, Author at
Tomily, Author at and author of the excellent book for a new reader of fiction and love affairs, “A Conversation with the Author I Have With You,” I wish I could recommend the book more than once, since a great deal of what is expressed here in the book is true to what I have written at the beginning: that the book is truly great and I will buy it again.

What I find interesting about Terence’s book is that, unlike the authors he’s interviewed, it clearly is intended for a new reader of fantasy book lovers. “A Conversation with the Author I Have With You” is, according to the author, written to meet new readers in new places and different genres.

In addition, he offers an interesting commentary on the genre. “I believe that the more books you read, the more you will love them. And I believe all fantasy should be written as fiction, not as any sort of magic. (…) The most important thing to know about the new reader is that, as long as he can find a good book they like, he should read it,” he writes.
The text begins by discussing his journey with Tolkien, with his family and with his grandmother, who has left him in the saddle. They do not speak very well, but what they say about Tolkien as a person and as a person of great personal and political significance is very different. The language works