Usb Accessories & Supplies for Electronics in Nigeria
This situation happens not only with cheap cables, which are easy to buy in any transition, but also with expensive accessories for Apple devices, for the purchase of which the user has to spend a couple of thousand every six months.
Partner Online Shop offers a cost-effective solution for anyone looking for durable USB cables. Meet the Steely and HD series!
The main feature of the Steely cable is its steel braid. Due to it, the cable can be folded-unfolded, connected and disconnected, without fear of a crease, not an accidental break. The accessory, reinforced with metal, will survive not only active use, but also attacks from pets. It is sold in two versions, with a Micro-USB connector and a Lightnig.
To test the durability of Steely cables, we tested them for a long time and here’s what happened.
Both HD and Steely series cables have the same characteristics and can be used not only for charging, but also for transferring data.
In the catalog of our online store, not only cables for smartphones are available to you, but also other types of accessories: headphones, chargers, holders, external batteries and much more. We give a guarantee for all goods and send orders to all regions of the Russian Federation.
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The reversible cable is an indispensable accessory for those who rarely get into the smartphone’s power connector the first time. The cable presented below has an important feature: both plugs of the device are symmetrical, so they can be easily plugged into microUSB and USB ports without looking closely. What other features does this product have? Find out from our review and video at the end.
Reversible, i.e. reversible, the data cable comes in colorful commercial packaging. A small cardboard box with a plastic Euro hanger and a small window in the back, through which you can admire the folded wire. The packaging contains basic information about the product: close-up, technical characteristics, main advantage.
The USB-microUSB cable itself is pleasant not only to look at it, but also to touch it. The silicone shell is soft, but durable. Do not break the cable even by applying force.