We concue that the Goverment Is the explanation for poverty in Canada We world understand im now on AISH

Hello I am Catherine Murray i have Agoraphobia i don own a phone;t n make use of my next-door next-door next-door neighbors n it ;s so very hard to also ask n keep my house.

Now we ;m along the way of going n need my tax evaluation yet I have only use of a phone times that are certain time consequently we ;m stuck n my despair is incredibly striking me personally I don ;t understand technology n my earnings happens to be cut 56 per cent i could ;t get a your hands on the need consequently my frustrations r detrimental . I’m on it’s own n ashamed to not understand ? N feel worse to inquire of without thinking I ;m stupid can anybody feel my discomfort n exactly exactly how n where may I get help .I ;m screaming for assistance . Will there be any individual who would use the time and energy to assist. Whats therefore unwell regardless if anybody wouldn’t it takes each and every day to obtain the message .I m a person n don ;t want to quit in human instinct . PLEASE if u see this can u reach out n HELP my # is 416 206 9002 my neighbor will inform me .I ;m not merely one to inquire about for help which means this is quite difficult to ask many thanks to take the full time to learn our

This is the way all social help works in Ontario. They don ;t tell if we don ;t ask (or even know of its existence. Final August 2020 Ontario cancelled a $200 each month leasing help for low earnings residents with no warning.

Hi. I’m on Odsp but have already been cautious to use for any advantages. Am I qualified to receive such a thing additional in this hard times. Many thanks. Hugh CLARKE

You may get a $100.00 for a single time just. Phone your worker or leave an email and simply ask in the event that you could possibly get the 1 time $100.00. Very little but can give you a hand a bit. Careful on using for any other advantages because either 1 of 2 things can happen. 8211; ODSP would just simply take that quantity kiss flirt username off your cheque or number 2 ; you should have a difficult time getting right straight back on ODSP in the event that you gather any and after that you could be screwed.

All this work information comes from a attorney that we contacted myself.

I concue that the Goverment Is the explanation for poverty in Canada We world understand im now on AISH.and withiut television or internet .o want honor of cerb till sondons sauf.the govewnt os.givong out free cash.sceptical as all hell off that is inrelunctantly.held So I became offered the nimber and low ans bemols.i till I became the smallest amount of bad bastard in your area had been eligible..im a fairly smart guy.as i.listened to.the phone question3x.til.i.was pleased from a.lawyers views at the way the questions were ssle.so being that i dont want.to be on help any Moreau BROUGHT my.vrhicle from sask got or all legal and roadwoty so i could get back n fort to operate IR conttrsvt muself away..never thought the corvide globe minimum this long romand annoter bend balle stoppes my in search of a work for annoter 12 months.i did pruchase a phone and possess been screwed away from evaluable moneyby 7 proviens sonde whenever have actually businesses becane lowlife monstres.but when I fond thisr emu toik out it ego.cannot.pay it back.will possibly be costs with fraudulence alto thtuoug the dirait group of wiestiona.tgey legaly do not have rounds to.on do.so Being assistants they are able to keep my gst.and il tu.and survive that way.but being fully a licences vehicle motorist if we can.get pastis the checks employees dont could get hatif and pay.back in no tome.but.now in looking.at filin bankruptcy as adbised by s.need clip i read.all this eork that is hard of wheeld on the.toad to GE t employment.has.bavkfiref.like covid19.im shoping the govewnt eau or tales onvyhe poor.because erre the ornes forces to live in this way.and its a crime from the goveentd component for the treatment of us as such.keeping us low such as this brins on mere diseuses once we will always stress facing homelessness month-to-month..cost of residing skyrocketting.lowering the therapy of a entier nation Rover a pamdemic.and doping vert small to simply help anonne.i ended up being attempting to gey my company from the round.themall hell brome lose still needed to spend full rentre to.pepple getting cash ckawed right straight right back during a pamdemic certain programs just exactly just how out of hand the corruption and greer gas become worldwide.putting 60 + old on the roads .but year i Willy applaudi The British Columbia Goverment on tthrr legging the less fortunate keep the money to bette themselvrs in these right times.i honestly shed a tear once I read that .BRAVO B.C.B.C.BRB.C.B.C.BRAVO.NOT JUST THE PROVINCE IS GORGEOUS.BUT THE HEARTS OF THERE POLITICIANS AS WELL.and ive never ever complimentes any section of Goverment ever.before.thanks bec for instilling desire to these whom needs it many.