What is Amorphic Experience

Art Created with Technology & Intelligence

A creative collective powered by a group of world wide artists dedicated to sharing unique works in a revolutionary way in digital age. Stimulating human-computer visual sensory through artistic expression utilizing the most advanced artificial intelligence.

Art Brought to Life with Augmented Reality

Each Amorphic art will be recognized using the camera of your phone after purchase, you will be able to see augmented content on top of your art. You are able to associate your art with your special memory and uniquely triggered by your art. (Only your special Amorphic app and your art can unlock the encrypted content you created)

Art Uniqueness & Ownership with NFT

Each Amorphic art’s digital version will be optionally created as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) after purchase. Your ownership will be honored by the decentralized Internet. You know your amorphic art copy is the only one in the world.